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The town of Mountain Village, situated at 9450 feet elevation, offers more of a resort town atmosphere for holidaymakers. Surrounded by the Telluride Ski & Golf Club, Mountain Village is a purpose built, European style pedestrian village. There is the

Colorado is famous for its breathtaking natural beauty but what people don’t realize is that Colorado also boasts world-class urban amenities. You can enjoy  award-winning dining made with high-quality locally sourced ingredients. Yum! If you love the arts, you can

Vacant land is a great investment regardless if you are a first time home buyer just entering  the property market or an investor looking to diversify your property portfolio. Colorado Land for sale near ski resorts is always an investment

Telluride is known for its world-class ski slopes, which is the main reason why people visit this alpine ski town, but it’s not the only reason to visit. Telluride Ski Resort has over 2,000 acres of skiable terrain  with 309

Many of us have fond memories growing up in our childhood homes. For me, it started when I was a baby, living in mobile homes on U.S. Marine Corps bases while my dad fought in various battles to defend our

San Miguel County in Southwestern Colorado has a prized gem that is not known to many. Located in the heart of the breathtaking San Juan Mountains is the equally stunning Mountain Village. First founded in 1995, Mountain Village was designed

Town of Telluride                                                                                       The charming little town of Telluride, Colorado is a former Victorian mining town that is rich in beauty and in history. This small town is only six blocks wide by 15 blocks long with a year-round population