Amanda Miller, Director of the San Miguel Resource Center

When I first moved to Telluride, I knew finding housing would be a challenge. I did not know it would be SUCH an overwhelming experience. I was approached by many assertive realtors promising me what I knew would be near impossible to find in the tight housing market. A friend recommended Asa, so I gave him a call. Within a few days, we were driving around looking at houses. The amount of time, dedication, and heart Asa put into my home search was truly remarkable. I was very particular about what I wanted, and he stuck with me until we found it. Once we did find it, Asa walked me through every hurdle with consistent support, knowledge, and all around good humor (which I needed). Asa’s knowledge of the local market, and deep relationships with SO many members of the community helped me to not only buy a home, but make some friends along the way as well. I would HIGHLY recommend Asa to anyone in Telluride looking for a smooth, trustworthy, and FUN home buying experience.

Casey Landreth

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