Brian & Karen Nevins, Cat Spring, TX

I would like to thank you for providing what could be described as one of the most perfect experiences for Karen and myself.

We arrived in Telluride with the intention of researching the real estate market with the long term prospect of purchasing a house.  From the very beginning you listened to both my wife and myself, identified what was important to us, then proceeded to more than exceed our expectations.   This was done by showing not only what we thought  we would be interested in, but by going far beyond.  Not only did you intelligently show and explain all different options, but opened us up to possibilities we had never conceived.

Through the properties shown, meetings with local residents, architects and builders you organized, we were able within a 36 hour period finalize  our Telluride aspirations and dreams.  Then, after having made our choice, the attention to detail you represented through the purchasing and closing phase, made the whole process an incredibly enjoyable experience.

To conclude, you are without a doubt the best Shimmy.

Mike Shimkonis

After growing up surfing in Florida, Mike Shimkonis decided to give higher ground a try and settled in Colorado over 25 years ago, first in Vail, then moving to Telluride in 1993. Prior to working with Telluride Properties, he was a senior sales and marketing executive for the Vail and Telluride ski companies.

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