David T. Thuma, Federal Bankruptcy Judge

Mr. Shimkonis “extensively marketed the house…and posted to national and local websites; made some very high quality brochures, advertised in print media and Wall Street Journal online edition, posters placed in his office, made direct marketing to portfolio of buyers, professional photography was very high quality. The broker is very knowledgeable and he and the trustee together came up with a process for negotiating the contract terms and they did a good job…the broker was pretty good, he did a lot of work, he spent a lot of time and they did more than a good job of exposing the house to the market.”

Excerpts from U. S. Federal Bankruptcy Judge David T. Thuma as transcribed from his oral order in June 2017 authorizing the sale of a luxury home in the Telluride area.

Casey Landreth

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