Sharon Helwig-Miller & Gregg “Acorn” Miller, Telluride, Colorado

As the former co-owner of Telluride Mountain Title Company, in business 17 years, my choices for a personal realtor were very difficult. In a small town community where over 200 realtors competed and were my clients, choosing one to represent us was extremely difficult. The uniqueness of our home presented some special marketing challenges. Mike “Shimmy” Shimkonis immediately came to mind. While working with Shimmy professionally, he was consistently reliable, diligent, paid attention to detail, and determined in meeting his clients’ needs. These attributes carried over as he represented my husband and me. We ultimately received our asking price, which is rare… especially in the current market. I feel that Shimmy’s professionalism and compassion make him the ideal choice for anyone’s real estate needs.

Mike Shimkonis

After growing up surfing in Florida, Mike Shimkonis decided to give higher ground a try and settled in Colorado over 25 years ago, first in Vail, then moving to Telluride in 1993. Prior to working with Telluride Properties, he was a senior sales and marketing executive for the Vail and Telluride ski companies.

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