Donnie Coats, 115 Lawson Point

After having had no success in selling our Mountain Village Real Estate for some time, we were referred to Mike from a prior real estate client who spoke highly of him based on their real estate transaction.  Our property had already been listed with two (2) other Realtors, so we weren’t convinced the outcome with this Realtor would be any different.  Fortunately, after consulting with Mike and seeing how professional and insightful he was about selling our property, we engaged his firm to continue the pursuit of our goal.  Not long after implementing Mike’s recommendations, we had multiple offers to consider and eventually accomplished our goal of selling the property.  Just like the prior client that referred him to us, we too highly recommend Mike to assist you in your real estate needs.

P.C., Dallas, TX, 5.18

I always enjoy your updates. Your email perfectly describes everything we love about Telluride and the region​. Your marketing is outstanding – certainly best in Telluride. I run global sales/marketing for a software company so I​ know what I’m talking about. Your market reports are great, too. Smart.

May 2018

Bill S.

If you want my opinion on an outstanding realtor, I would suggest Mike “Shimmy” Shimkonis. An outstanding individual and agent. In Telluride, it is possible to hook up with a dubious broker! He is a straight up guy with plenty of success to show for it.

April 2018

Jennifer Gilliland, 495 W Curtis Drive

Today, being the day before my closing of my ranch in Montana, I am yet again reminded how grateful I am that you are my Realtor! It’s hard to believe how NOT “on it” these other agents are.

November 2017

Dave and Lyn Gruss

Asa Van Gelder accomplished a rare and incredible feat for us. In 2005 he sold our home for almost 15% above appraised value. In 2017 during one of the hottest “sellers” market in Telluride history, he helped us purchase a replacement property for 15% below appraised value not including a Seller’s credit of over $10,000 for a year’s worth of HOA dues. Throughout both of our transactions, Asa’s attention to details and promoting our best interests went above and beyond good business practices. His efforts gave us complete confidence that we were maximizing our sales potential of our home and benefiting from the best negotiating strategies during our purchase. He comes highly recommended.

July 2017

David T. Thuma, Federal Bankruptcy Judge

Mr. Shimkonis “extensively marketed the house…and posted to national and local websites; made some very high quality brochures, advertised in print media and Wall Street Journal online edition, posters placed in his office, made direct marketing to portfolio of buyers, professional photography was very high quality. The broker is very knowledgeable and he and the trustee together came up with a process for negotiating the contract terms and they did a good job…the broker was pretty good, he did a lot of work, he spent a lot of time and they did more than a good job of exposing the house to the market.”

Excerpts from U. S. Federal Bankruptcy Judge David T. Thuma as transcribed from his oral order in June 2017 authorizing the sale of a luxury home in the Telluride area.

June 2017

Joe & Tami Pringle, 109 Double Eagle Way

We recently listed and sold a vacant lot in Mountain Village with Mike Shimkonis.  He did a great job of marketing our lot and delivering a qualified buyer who purchased our home.  Mike was always available to answer all our questions and provide us the information requested.  This is the second sales transaction that Mike has handled for our family.  In 2008, he also sold our home in the town of Telluride.  If you are looking for a great partner in the sale of your real estate, Mike is the perfect realtor.

June 2017

Amanda Miller, Director of the San Miguel Resource Center

When I first moved to Telluride, I knew finding housing would be a challenge. I did not know it would be SUCH an overwhelming experience. I was approached by many assertive realtors promising me what I knew would be near impossible to find in the tight housing market. A friend recommended Asa, so I gave him a call. Within a few days, we were driving around looking at houses. The amount of time, dedication, and heart Asa put into my home search was truly remarkable. I was very particular about what I wanted, and he stuck with me until we found it. Once we did find it, Asa walked me through every hurdle with consistent support, knowledge, and all around good humor (which I needed). Asa’s knowledge of the local market, and deep relationships with SO many members of the community helped me to not only buy a home, but make some friends along the way as well. I would HIGHLY recommend Asa to anyone in Telluride looking for a smooth, trustworthy, and FUN home buying experience.

April 2017

Thomas Emilson, Ridgway, CO

You are the most accurate broker in your firm. Looks like that may play out again.

April 2017

Anton and Erin Kress

Working with Asa was great. There were never any surprises and I felt confident in the decisions I was making. That was huge for me as this was our first home purchase. When the process became overwhelming, he was our calm patient guide that helped us reach our goal!

March 2017

Denise Jackson and Trevor King

Working with Asa was like buying a house from a friend and neighbor. From the beginning Asa learned our needs and exceeded our expectations. Specifically, Asa found us a house that was 75% of our budget. He further negotiated the price down below what we thought was possible. Even though we were in San Diego, Asa was quick to get inspectors, contractors, etc to the property for estimates and evaluations. Then Asa used video interviews to complement written reports, giving us a true sense of the state of the house even though we were not physically there to talk to everyone. From figuring out Costco runs and getting furniture to coordinating with our architect, Asa did it all. In the end, we got more house than we expected and better service than we could have asked for.