“My sense of Telluride” – Bill Jensen

“Things that we do that drive the economics of the community without a heavy footprint on the community, this is my sense of Telluride, are all positive,” says Bill Jensen, CEO of Telluride Ski and Golf.

Here is a 5 minute video – an interesting interview of Bill Jensen, new CEO of the Telluride Ski & Golf Company. He’s a major ski industry veteran who started as a lift operator in Mammoth Mountain in the 1970s and has worked practically every job on a ski mountain. He’s looking to polish the jewel of Telluride with service, amenities and new lifts. This will certainly benefit Telluride Real Estate if it comes to Reality.

Mike Shimkonis

After growing up surfing in Florida, Mike Shimkonis decided to give higher ground a try and settled in Colorado over 25 years ago, first in Vail, then moving to Telluride in 1993. Prior to working with Telluride Properties, he was a senior sales and marketing executive for the Vail and Telluride ski companies.

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  • David Seligman 3 years ago

    I have yet to meet anyone more honest and deliberate in dealing with people and their wants and needs. Thank you Michael for what you bring to Telluride.


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