Telluride Real Estate Report: Q2 2021

Outlying Areas Carry Q2 Market

2021 is halfway over, and we’re still trucking along here in Telluride. It comes as no surprise, but the real estate market in Telluride has continued to thrive, despite dwindling inventory. So far this year to date, our $684M in sales have surpassed the yearly totals for the last 10+ years (with the exception of 2020). 

Click here to read the full Q2 real estate report, or take a peek at some of our insight below.  

With inventory in the town of Telluride dwindling, we’ve seen a surge in purchases in both Mountain Village and other outlying areas. Dollar volume is up 285% ($264,968,888) and the number of sales is up 289% (144) compared year-to-date to 2020. 

Buyers are finding greater value in Mountain Village and they aren’t hesitating to pull the trigger. 

Buyers are also turning to properties outside of Telluride and Mountain Village for even more value. Sure, there is more of a commute to town, but the privacy, potential and value is making the surrounding mesas a hot ticket. 

What's Selling Surrounding Areas

It’s certainly a great time to be a seller, but sellers also have to take the current state of the market into consideration for re-entry. It may take some time to find a replacement property. 

Telluride Summer Rainbow

Things are slowly starting to return back to normal in Telluride, and we’re so excited! This summer is going to be busy as people flock to the outdoors, so be sure to book everything, including restaurants and outdoor excursions, in advance. Festivals are also a go, and you can check out everything going on this summer in Telluride here. 

Whether you’re looking for more insight about the current real estate market or simply want some local tips about the best hikes, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to show you around. 

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